“Tasting the sweetness of today that will wow your heart tomorrow.”



How We Work



We love to bring people together through means of big and small parties, where reunion happens amidst our busy lifestyle. At ONLYKAI, we aim to make every celebration an awesome one, where partying meets Reunion.



At ONLYKAI, we use freshly purchased products to complete the sweet treats you want! Just like how we watch out for our friends and family when we cook for them, we care for your health too by watching the fat and sugar levels.



ONLYKAI offer courier services for our sweet bakes, saving you the hassle of traveling out to town to grab some of those cupcakes or cakes, just at a little simple charge!

Happy Customers

” Matthew is really sweet and accommodating, he gives good recommendations when i’m having trouble deciding what should i get as gifts. The pineapple tarts are really good, not too sweet and delicious. ”

– Gwen, DineInn Guest


” I ordered 4 bottles of salted egg yolk cookies from him and they are the BEST salted egg yolk cookie i have ever ate in my life! Melts in my mouth and the salted egg yolk and the pastry blends perfectly! They are not too dry nor too sweet or salty! Perfect for sharing them with relatives and my relatives all loved them! 5 stars!!!”  

– Burqq,   DineInn Client


“I fell in love with Host Matthew’s Strawberry Cheese Hearts at first bite, literally. The presentation itself was pretty and attractive at first sight. I was a little worried at first as I am a very picky/fussy eater, and there are some cheesecakes that I do not like after a bite. But the Strawberry Cheese Hearts tasted really delicious, with the right blend of strawberry taste and very very tasty crushed biscuits as the base (this was the part I loved the most). The overall satisfaction after the first bite was great, I wanted more and more of it. Even my daughter who is as picky as me when it comes to food, loved it after one bite and requested to have the whole portion to herself instead of sharing. I must say this is a MUST BUY item from Host Matthew, I will consider to order more of this in future if there is any special occasion as well as recommend all my friends to try it! Just typing this review makes me miss this delicious jelly hearts cake!”

– Salina,   DineInn Client